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July 1944: Deportation of the Jews of Budapest Foiled

July 1944

Géza Jeszenszky ed.
— former Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs 1990 - 1994
— former Hungarian Ambassador to USA, Norway, and Iceland

The Fateful Years 1938–1945 (Végzetes esztendök 1938–1945)

The Fateful Years 1938-1945

Vilmos Nagy de Nagybaczon
with an introduction by George Schöpflin
— MEP for Hungary 2004-present
— former Jean Monnet Professor of Politics, University of London

A Country Adrift
The 1944-1945 wartime diaries of Miksa Fenyő
Az elsodort ország

A Country Adrift

Translated from the original Hungarian by Mario Fenyő

The Life of Tibor Eckhardt: Statesman and Spymaster — 1888 - 1972

Katalin Kádár Lynn

Being Hungarian in Cleveland: Maintaining Language, Culture and Traditions – 1951-2011

Endre Szentkiralyi

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